Learn how to reduce type a personality stress, reduce your stress related symptoms, improve your self esteem, control your road rage, manage your anger, control hypertension, reduce time urgency perfectionism stress, have more time and increase happiness.


Time Urgency Perfectionism Stress

The TUPS STRESS PROGRAM has guided so many TUPS sufferers towards an amazing life long solution on how to manage and prevent the symptoms and diseases that stress causes.

Let the TUPS App guide you to the same life long happiness.


It was absolutely amazing when I found that Time Urgency Perfectionism Stress (TUPS) is responsible for the symptoms, diseases and lifestyle problems that you may have. This app will teach you how to manage your stress.

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I have spent the last 15 years teaching thousands of people how to manage their stress and I have thrived on seeing the enormous benefits this has had on happiness.

What you REALLY need is a solution to:

  • Control Type A Personality Stress without changing your personality or reducing your success.
  • Reduce your stress related Symptoms and therefore increase your happiness and wellbeing.
  • Improve your self esteem which will benefit your confidence and communication skills.
  • Control your road rage to make your time spent in the traffic relaxed and rewarding.
  • Manage your anger which will improve your relationships and reduce your guilt.
  • Control or prevent your specific diseases, saving you time, money, improving your health and increasing your lifespan.
  • Control your lifestyle problems, improving your marriage, reducing your need for alcohol and smoking.
  • Reduce your cancer risk and improve the outcome of cancer treatment.

Stress Symptoms

I am often asked the following : "Give Me the Symptoms of Stress". These are the common symptoms found in TUP stress:

  • Palpitations
  • Panic attacks
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Mood swings
  • Low self esteem
  • Irritability
  • Irritable bowel syndrome/ spastic colon
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Chronic fatigue (tiredness)
  • Chronic headaches
  • Insomnia
  • PMS - Premenstrual tension
  • Anger / Aggressiveness
  • Verbal Abuse

Time Urgency Perfectionism Stress


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From: Mandy Rodrigues


I am often asked the following: “What are the Symptoms of Stress”

These are the common symptoms found in TUP stress.

  • Palpitations
  • Panic attacks
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Mood swings
  • Low self esteem
  • Irritability
  • Irritable bowel syndrome / spastic colon
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Chronic fatigue (tiredness)
  • Chronic headaches
  • Insomnia
  • PMS - Premenstrual tension
  • Anger / Aggressiveness
  • Verbal Abuse

Type A Personality and Your Health includes not only the symptoms listed above but also specific diseases and lifestyle problems.

HOW MANY OF THESE DISEASES AND LIFESTYLE PROBLEMS DO YOU HAVE? I’m sure you would like to manage or prevent these problems.

  • Heart problems including high blood pressure or heart attack
  • Marriage problems
  • Road rage
  • The need to drink alcohol everyday to “unwind”
  • Smoke cigarettes to relax your “nerves”
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Depression
  • Endometriosis
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Anorexia or bulimia
  • Cancer
  • Infertility male and female.

Although many people think that these symptoms and diseases are due to the Effects of Adrenaline on the Body, they are in fact due to the repetitive excessive release  of Nor-adrenaline and Cortisol on all the systems of the body. These hormones are released from the adrenal gland when you are continuously stressed.



 The following problems can be controlled by you from today  

1. Type A personality Stress

2. Your stress related  Symptoms

3. Improving your self esteem

4. Controlling your road rage

5. Anger management

6. Your specific diseases

7. Your lifestyle problems

Caroline age 26
“I used to set off for work at 7am to miss the traffic.  I worked in a busy accounts department where I insisted on meeting my deadlines without fail and to my detriment.  At the end of a working day, I couldn’t leave the office before my in-tray was empty.  When I got home, I usually got home after 6pm, I worked equally as hard to keep the place neat and tidy.  When I eventually sat to watch tv, I also read at the same time.  I think doing one thing at a time is a waste of time.  I ate, walked spoke and lived at top speed.  I was then informed that I had what has been dubbed the career woman’s disease (TUP stress).  This means I was a perfectionist who took on too much work in an attempt to prove myself.  My entire life was always a race against the clock.  Following the course, I felt 100% healthier.  I never knew how seriously your psychological condition could affect your physical condition.  I always thought it was a strange New Age idea but now I’ve found the physical evidence in my own body.  I am now able to identify my own irrational ways of thinking to pave the way for positive change.  I’ve learnt to relax, my self worth is better and my time management has improved.  I am less worried about the impression I make on people.  I am more happy and at peace with myself.”



It always amazes me What Medications Are Prescribed to Reduce Stress. There are alternatives to medication.

My passion for stress management started 15 years ago when I began to study and manage a specific form of Stress called TIME URGENCY PERFECTIONISM STRESS (TUPS). I recognized how many people in the modern world are Time Urgent Perfectionist’s just like you. I knew how many people needed my help and this drives me to help as many TUP Stressed people as possible.

I am a Clinical Psychologist specialized in Behavioural Medicine – the management of psychological factors in physical symptoms and disease .  I qualified at the University of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. I have a special interest in the treatment of the psychological causes of infertility, and am part of the treatment team at Medfem Fertility Clinic. I’m also involved in my own private practice. I was a lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School, and I have published and lectured internationally in the field of Behavioral Medicine.

We co-wrote the bestseller Faster, Better, Sicker” which is available as a Free eBook.





It was absolutely amazing when I found that Time Urgency Perfectionism Stress (TUPS) is responsible for the Symptoms, Diseases and Lifestyle problems that you have.
After all my years of research on TUPS, I put all my knowledge, skills and expertise into one easy to use solution called Time Urgency Perfectionism Stress (TUPS) Management.BUT more importantly when I put people with this personality on my TUP Stress program there is a dramatic decrease in symptoms, control and prevention of disease and improvement in their lifestyle problems. Thousands of people have had the opportunity to experience my program and take control of their lives again.
My extensive research has led to me developing and structuring this unique, life changing stress management program. Your individual TUPS stress pattern is produced by completing the TUP stress profile. I created a logical sequence of building up a stress template that analyzes each and every stress episode that occurs in you, the individual. I correlated this Internet based self-help TUPS with my facilitated course. I am  responsible and passionate for the ongoing development and professional support involved in making my TUP stress program a success for you.

My TUP STRESS PROGRAM has guided so many TUPS sufferers towards an amazing life-long solution on how to manage and prevent the symptoms and diseases that they recognized.

“So began the sometimes difficult, at times, even embarrassing process of modifying my behaviour.  As a result, I am less irritable, less tired, more relaxed and easier to be around.  I have more time to do the things I need to do and so get them done better.  I am more effective as I am calmer and more efficient.  I’ve stopped clock- watching and have been late on occasion and not panicked about it as I would have in the past.  I feel more in control of my world and I am less affected by the actions of others.  I have also started to listen to my inner voice that I have suppressed for so long and am doing what I want to do as opposed to what I’ve always felt I have to do.  If I do find myself slipping back into the old ways, I have many little reminders that keep me on track.  I am still in the process of changing and keep finding ways to improve and develop – so the course benefits continue long after it’s over.  This self help internet based course has literally changed my life – and in the long term – saved my life.”(Wendy, 30 years,)

“My best friend says and does things that used to stress me.  She sees the changes and keeps saying “you would have stressed before.  What has happened?”  I can now be more realistic about my targets at work and am able to switch off from work when I get home.  I feel very relaxed.  I simply think differently about my life now.”
(Charlene, 26 years)

“I use all I have learned at work.  My colleagues keep commenting on how calm I am in situations when I used to get so stressed.  I recognize my hooks.  People around me have responded well so I am constantly reinforced for managing my stress better.  I don’t make issues anymore about small things – so I longer feel embarrassed.  I’ve become a Jimmy Swaggart  about the course – I tell everyone about it… I preach about it… “
(James, 37 years )



A ten-week comprehensive, interactive, individualized, on-line, self-help stress management program.

After 10 short weeks carrying out My TUPS Program you will:

  • Improve your life: get back the control and happiness that has eluded you. Reconnect with your family or partner.
  • Have guaranteed less fatigue: feel like you are young and energetic again.
  • Allow yourself more time: have more time for yourself and family.
  • Work more effectively: increase your income generation in a shorter time.
  • Be taught to stop procrastinating: Get rid of your backlog, complete task quickly and efficiently without the feeling of being stressed about to much to do.
  • Get more done: enjoy the sense of completing task on time and doing more in the same time.
  • Be more assertive: feel a sense of controlling your relationships at home, at work or with friends.
  • Have more direction in your life: you will be able to set realistic goals that will focus on your happiness.
  • Feel more in control: Learn to not take things personally and understand your limitations in relation to your available resources and time.
  • Be happier in your relationships: improve your relationships with people around you especially your family.
  • Feel less angry: feel in control of your emotions and reduce your guilt.
  • Feel more confident: move forward with a feeling of control and generalized feeling of well being.
  • Save money by you being healthier: enjoy the sense of not spending your well earned income on medical expenses.
  • Have decreased symptoms: the reduction of symptoms will make your day tolerable and enjoyable.
  • Control or prevent your diseases: take total control of your own destiny.


  • Has been designed to include the critical components of managing stress in a simple, easy-to-understand format.
  • Requires minimal time per day is required for you to complete your worksheets.
  • Provides you, as an individual, with your own unique tools for managing your stress.
  • Removes the need to consult a mental health professional for the management of every day stress.
  • Has a research-based proven decrease in symptoms and diseases related to stress.
  • Has shown to help manage depression, stress and severe anxiety in conjunction with a health professional if necessary.
  • Reduces road rage, marital problems, increases fertility and reduces the need for alcohol consumption.


TUPS Stress Workbook

The workbook is set out in a manner that is very similar to the format used on the website, so that it is easy to transfer your homework tasks from the workbook onto the website.  You can go onto the website every day if you want to update your homework daily.  You can take as many days as you want to transfer your homework onto your personal home page on the website.

  • The first five weeks of the workbook allows for intricate packaging of each thought process and behavior related to your stress episodes – called hooks.
  • The last five weeks allow for specific stress management techniques that teaches you to reduce your stress.
  • The course homework can be done in your own time off-line.
  • Creates a permanent hard copy of your stress profile that you can refer to forever.
  • The workbook allows for the creation of a permanent template of your stress hooks and mechanisms of managing your stress.

On – Line Weekly Session Workbook

  • The weekly entry of your homework allows for the eventual build up of your stress profile and stress management techniques.
  • This stress template will be available forever and can be used to remind you of your specific stress episodes or hooks.

Reading Material

  • The course material is available to you and allows you the freedom to read in your own time.
  • The reading material provides important theory for people who would like more in-depth information. If you like the theory and need it to enhance your success then it’s freely available.

Relaxation Audio

  • YOU have immediate access to a relaxation audio. You don’t need to wait for it to be posted. You can immediately burn this audio onto a cd allowing you the freedom to listen in your own time.

Daily e-mail messages

  • These Messages motivate and guide you through the ten week program. You have daily e-mails that match the exact day in the course. You will have the comfort and knowledge that I am with you.

Comprehensive number of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for each session

  • Access to dealing with problems that may occur in each week immediately. Your questions and queries can be answered immediately without have to e-mail for an answer.

E-mail access to me throughout the course

  • Dealing with queries not answered by FAQ. Knowing that I am available for unanswered queries


My TUPS Program generates your own stress template

This allows you to understand your unique reaction to stress and how to manage it

  • This ensures your long-term success and sustainability of the TUPS program compared to other stress programs.


“It has changed the way I think.  My procrastination is way down.  I used to be more anal – but I handle that better.  I don’t even look at the clock anymore – even in my car.  It’s constantly on the temperature gauge as I’ve realized that it is probably one of my biggest hooks.  Now I simply get on with what I have to without constantly worrying about the time.  And I find I get most things done!”
(Megan, 32 years).

“The nature of my job is stress.  It is constant deadlines, it is crisis management, and it’s not going to change.  If I didn’t learn to manage the stress or react in a positive way, I may have well dropped out of the workforce and take on a job less rewarding and less competitive.  As a Type B, I am surviving.  I no longer feel I am bailing water out of a sinking boat, and my puppy is recognizing me again as I spend more time at home. “
(John, 31 years)

“This is not merely a vague concept of stress which is wishy-washy.  It is a highly specific way of looking at stress with specific skills to manage it.  I feel empowered and I no longer have the swollen glands I used to have or the constant colds.  I enjoy my meals, I don’t just eat because I have to eat in two minutes.  I enjoy preparing my food, and don’t mind if I am late anymore.”
(Jenny, 39 years, single)

“I’ve noticed a change in everything.  I am more assertive now even though I would rather choose to avoid conflict.  But I can manage to say no without conflict.  I am still aware of my hooks constantly.  They are easier to recognize.  I don’t have that knot in my stomach when I open the office door in the morning.  That was habit, and I realized I was creating my own stress.”
(Paul, 40 years, 2 children, married)

“I stopped setting unrealistic deadlines all the time.  I work from an action plan.  It is a list that is manageable, realistic and achievable.”
(Martin, 37 years, married)

“I have clarity of thought.  I no longer have pressured thought where my thoughts are constantly racing.  I can think of one thing at a time.  I can decide to do one task and complete it instead of trying to do everything at once and finishing nothing.”
(Gregory, 33 years, married)

My TWENTY 21 Years Experience in STRESS MANAGEMENT Is YOUR gateway to a HAPPIER life.

My one-of-a-kind TUP Stress Management program can be yours, risk free, at the Low-Cost of $45.00.Furthermore I have added in a number of bonuses to enhance the success of my TUPS program absolutely FREE if you order online by 1 January 2015. IN FACT $465 ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Super Bonus 1#($15)

Free Download of my e-Book Faster, Better, Sicker – MJ Rodrigues, A Rodrigues, E Wolff.This book describes why stress causes the symptoms and diseases you may have. It is a best seller that will give you immediate insight into why you have the diseases and symptoms that you have. This will be available to the first 200 people who take up this one-of-a-kind Stress management program.

Super Bonus 2# ($200)

Pre-course Questionnaires.


  • The pre- course questionnaires will identify the extent of your stress and instantly indicate the urgency that you need stress management.
  • The pre-course questionnaire will  identify your symptoms and diseases that are directly related to your stress. This shows you  that stress has had an unbelievable impact on your physical health.
  • My TUP STRESS PROGRAM Guides you towards an amazing life-time solution on how to manage and prevent the symptoms and diseases that you have recognized.
  • The pre-course questionnaires offer you a FREE fully interactive RESEARCH BASED self-assessment that can be carried out in YOUR own time.
  • The end result of the pre-course questionnaire is a comprehensive invaluable psychological report indicating YOUR stress profile.
  • This report is an individualized psychological on-line assessment that would normally cost in the range of $200 to $300 and take a week or two for your feedback.
  • These tests are proven to be valid and reliable meaning that they can be used to measure your stress and also the success of my TUPS course.
  • In addition to the stress check, YOU are also checked for any signs of depression and/ or excessive anxiety.
  • If you show significant anxiety or depression, it is recommended that they seek the advice of a mental health professional in conjunction with completing the TUP Stress program.
  • The feedback in terms of questionnaire is immediate.
  • You are able to print out a hard copy of the assessments and stress report.


Super Bonus 3#($15)

Nutrient report

  • A comprehensive assessment of the your specific needs for nutrient supplementation to aid in your TUP stress management program’s success.
  • The nutrient report is unique to your individual stress profile.  This is derived from your current level of stress, as well as current symptoms and diseases.

Super Bonus 4#($25)

Balanced eating plan

  • Gives you a Step-by-Step guide to a functional balanced eating plan.
  • You will feel well, get to your goal weight and get maximized results from your TUP stress program.


Super Bonus 5#($200)

Post Course Questionnaires and Report

Comprehensive psychological assessment following the ten week course including a post-course maintenance nutrient report.

  • This analysis the success of this Incredible course.
  • Your feedback is immediate.
  • Your individualized psychological on-line assessment that would normally cost in the range of $200 to $300.
  • Your nutrient report gives you your long-term nutrient needs.

Your 90-Day DOUBLE Risk-Free Guarantee:

Of course, you don't have to decide now. Instead, grab our risk-free offer, use my TUPS Stress Management Program for 90 days, and watch firsthand to see if you feel happier, have more time and manage your stress better. MORE IMPORTANTLY watch your stress related SYMPTOMS DISAPPEAR.



Protection #1: If you're not absolutely thrilled e-mail me within 90 days for a complete 100% refund. No questions. No hassles.


Protection #2: Even if you cancel, your efforts won't be for nothing. You'll get to keep YOUR Personal TUP Stress report as well as your nutrient report, relaxation audio and balanced eating plan as my way of saying "Thanks." That's a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide!

... I literally take ALL of the risk for you because that's how much I believe MY TUP STRESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM will make you happier, give you more time, reduce your symptoms and make you live longer.
I guarantee your on-line security by the following:

  • You receive a personalized license key upon purchasing the course including a username and password of your choice.
  • This allows for unlimited access to your own home page on the TUPS website.
  • Your personal information will remain anonymous and confidential.

Profit Wildly from My TUP stress program that I have used too make more than 4500 people happy, healthy and symptom free.

The fact of the matter is that my TUP Stress Management Program has been extensively developed and tested over more than 14 years.
…..As you have already seen, I have TONS of customer testimonials from ecstatic, happy, healthy people who have completed My TUPS Program.
……The most rewarding part for me is that I know that I have given them lifelong tools to manage their TUP stress.
……I would like to share these tools with you

Just imagine how complete you would feel if you:


  • Feel happier
  • Feel less stressed
  • Feel more confident
  • Feel more in control of the symptoms that you have
  • Feel in control of the diseases you have 
  • Feel healthy


I am so passionate about My TUP Stress Program because of how well people feel after the course.

This is your chance to learn how to cope with your stress and make a lifelong change….

My unique 10 week online self help stress management program will ensure your future Health and Happiness, FREE of Symptoms and Diseases.

*The testimonials used are not a guarantee for the success of my program. Each individual’s success depends on his or her dedication, desire, motivation and commitment to my program.

Start Your 10 Week TUP Stress Program Immediately
Have immediate access to :

  1. Type A personality Stress management
  2. Understanding your Symptoms of stress
  3. Managing your symptoms of stress
  4. Improving your self esteem
  5. Controlling your road rage
  6. Anger management
  7. Take control of your specific diseases
  8. Managing your stress in your own time with my self help program
  9. Managing your lifestyle problems

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Mandy Rodrigues
Clinical Psychologist and Owner TUP Stress Program.

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