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Wendy, 30 years, married

"So began the sometimes difficult, at times, even embarrassing process of modifying my behaviour. As a result, I am less irritable, less tired, more relaxed and easier to be around. I have more time to do the things I need to do and so get them done better. I am more effective as I am calmer and more efficient. I've stopped clock- watching and have been late on occasion and not panicked about it as I would have in the past. I feel more in control of my world and I am less affected by the actions of others. I have also started to listen to my inner voice that I have suppressed for so long and am doing what I want to do as opposed to what I've always felt I have to do. If I do find myself slipping back into the old ways, I have many little reminders that keep me on track. I am still in the process of changing and keep finding ways to improve and develop – so the course benefits continue long after it's over. This self help internet based course has literally changed my life – and in the long term – saved my life."

Kari, 26 years, 1 child, married

"We were married for a year when we realized there was a problem in conceiving. I was diagnosed as a time urgent perfectionist by my fertility specialist. He drew pictures of what happens to the body when you suffer from this syndrome. He started telling me the kind of person I was and everything he said was totally true. He even described how I am in traffic, how I get out of the car and I am literally boiling with anger. I hate having to wait for anybody. If I want something done properly, I prefer to do it myself. Six weeks after completing the course, I fell pregnant. I believe wholeheartedly that learning how to control my temper and manage stress had a huge part in my being able to conceive. I want to consider myself blessed that I had physical problems at a young age so I was made alert to my stress. I am trying to raise my daughter to be aware of how her mind can affect her body. I continue to refer to my course notes and check my specific stress template when I feel I reverting to being TUP stressed. I am maintaining my changes and no longer feel overwhelmed or depressed."

Stella, 34 years, 2 children, married

"My pregnancy was a difficult one and a high risk one. I worked from 7 am until 10 pm. I wanted to conceive again, but realized I was stressed. If a bowl was in the wrong place, it would stress me. Even if my boss said my work was fine, I needed to redo my document, every time, before I could send it out. Two spaces instead of one after a full stop would be a big mistake. I was an aggressiveand impatient driver. Dr Rodrigues explained to me that such a learned stress like impatience or anger secreted noradrenaline and cortisol. People with this personality type have trained themselves to have this continuous learned stress. I did the course and five weeks later was pregnant again. I have learnt how to calm myself down. The course taught me that I don't have to be perfect I don't have to worry what people think of me. I have become more assertive socially and at work. Before, I just used to keep quiet and do everything I was given. Now I just say: "I am busy." People respond to me more positively."

Caroline, 26 years, married

"I used to set off for work at 7am to miss the traffic. I worked in a busy accounts department where I insisted on meeting my deadlines without fail and to my detriment. At the end of a working day, I couldn't leave the office before my in-tray was empty. When I got home, I usually got home after 6pm, I worked equally as hard to keep the place neat and tidy. When I eventually sat to watch tv, I also read at the same time. I think doing one thing at a time is a waste of time. I ate, walked spoke and lived at top speed. I was then informed that I had what has been dubbed the career woman's disease (TUP stress). This means I was a perfectionist who took on too much work in an attempt to prove myself. My entire life was always a race against the clock. Following the course, I felt 100% healthier. I never knew how seriously your psychological condition could affect your physical condition. I always thought it was a strange New Age idea but now I've found the physical evidence in my own body. I am now able to identify my own irrational ways of thinking to pave the way for positive change. I've learnt to relax, my self worth is better and my time management has improved. I am less worried about the impression I make on people. I am more happy and at peace with myself."

Charlene, 26 years, single

"My best friend says and does things that used to stress me. She sees the changes and keeps saying "you would have stressed before. What has happened?" I can now be more realistic about my targets at work and am able to switch off from work when I get home. I feel very relaxed. I simply think differently about my life now."

Antoinette, 34 years, married

"My house used to be a big stress. The way I have evaluated my change is due to the fact that I can leave a wet towel on the bed and go relax instead of rushing around and putting it in the tumble dryer. My husband spends more time with me."

Janine, 37 years, married

"I use all I have learned at work. My colleagues keep commenting on how calm I am in situations when I used to get so stressed. I recognize my hooks. People around me have responded well so I am constantly reinforced for managing my stress better. I don't make issues anymore about small things - so I longer feel embarrassed. I've become a Jimmy Swaggart about the course - I tell everyone about it… I preach about it… "

Megan, 32 years, married

"It has changed the way I think. My procrastination is way down. I used to be more anal - but I handle that better. I don't even look at the clock anymore - even in my car. It's constantly on the temperature gauge as I've realized that it is probably one of my biggest hooks. Now I simply get on with what I have to without constantly worrying about the time. And I find I get most things done!"

John, 31 years, married

"The nature of my job is stress. It is constant deadlines, it is crisis management, and it's not going to change. If I didn't learn to manage the stress or react in a positive way, I may have well dropped out of the workforce and take on a job less rewarding and less competitive. As a Type B, I am surviving. I no longer feel I am bailing water out of a sinking boat, and my puppy is recognizing me again as I spend more time at home. "

Jenny, 39 years, single

"This is not merely a vague concept of stress which is wishy-washy. It is a highly specific way of looking at stress with specific skills to manage it. I feel empowered and I no longer have the swollen glands I used to have or the constant colds. I enjoy my meals, I don't just eat because I have to eat in two minutes. I enjoy preparing my food, and don't mind if I am late anymore."

Paul, 40 years, 2 children, married

"I've noticed a change in everything. I am more assertive now even though I would rather choose to avoid conflict. But I can manage to say no without conflict. I am still aware of my hooks constantly. They are easier to recognize. I don't have that knot in my stomach when I open the office door in the morning. That was habit, and I realized I was creating my own stress."

Martin, 37 years, married

"I stopped setting unrealistic deadlines all the time. I work from an action plan. It is a list that is manageable, realistic and achievable."

Gregory, 33 years, married

"I have clarity of thought. I no longer have pressured thought where my thoughts are constantly racing. I can think of one thing at a time. I can decide to do one task and complete it instead of trying to do everything at once and finishing nothing."

Andrew, 45years, married

"I get to work at 8am instead of 6am. And I still get everything done. I still hide files and paperwork in the cupboard when it's not yet done, but I don't feel stressed by it anymore. I try to manage things one at a time. I need to practice the skills I've learnt but I have them and can implement them when necessary. I can recognize when I need to implement a skill. Things might still stress me but then I stop myself and say "you have a choice now". That forces me to implement the skills I have learned. I now take the responsibility instead of feeling out of control or overwhelmed. I feel in control."

Theresa, 33 years, married

"Since doing the course, my priorities have changed. I am setting new priorities in life, the most important one, to be happy…"

Carl, 30 years, single

"This course has given me as a time urgent perfectionistic person - a choice. To know that you have a choice in the matter makes all the difference. Thank you."

Sandy, 26 years, married

"The course enabled me to see how time urgent I am and most importantly, it offered me a solution as to how I could work through the time urgency without becoming less efficient or less productive, therefore improving my lifestyle."

Dylan, 21 years, single

"The course made me become aware of my time urgent and perfectionistic behaviour, and guided me on corrective action."

Karen, 30 years, married

"Basically, what I drew out of the course was the ability to 'let go' by examining myself - my goals and all that matters to me in life. I can once again see the good things in life, and am enjoying life again from a fresh perspective for the first time in two years. My 'personal fight with myself' is over at long last." (Carol, 50 years, married) I recommend this course to all women - endometriosis sufferers or not."

Diane, 30 years, married

"My first impression when I heard about the course was that I'd heard it all before. I knew myself inside out, was an avid reader of self help books, so there could be nothing new for me to learn. Boy, was I wrong! When I heard the definition of a typical time urgent perfectionist, the description fitted me so well, I felt decidedly uncomfortable. Well, I'm happy to say that the course is just what I needed. I was hooked as each week passed and provided me with deeper insights into myself. And the tools to manage my life style."